External flush systems

MFU Multi Flow Unit MFU Multi Flow Unit The Multi Flow Unit (MFU) is an economical sealing water management solution for reducing operating costs through minimized rates of fresh water and waste water. The MFU series is available in three basic versions:
MFU-MP: for single seals with flush
MFU-MQ: for seals with quench
MFU-MD: for double seals

These are available for different indicated flow ranges and with numerous system components (e.g. mounting supports, stands, hoses, alarm sensors, etc.) and other material combinations.
Circulation in accordance with API 682 Plan 32, Plan 62.
BestFlow BestFlow The EagleBurgmann BestFlow is a temperature-controlled "money-saving valve" for double seals on which the barrier water connection extends directly into the seal chamber, e.g. Cartex-DN.