State-of-the-art technology makes for optimum precision

Production_DGS_06042010041.TIFEach and every EagleBurgmann seal is the result of numerous purchasing and processing steps. Manufacturing high-quality sealing systems is all down to exceptional precision, which in turn calls for exact, consistent compliance with the strictest of production standards.The diamond coated sealing faces used on various types of our mechanical seals, for example, have to be ground smooth with an accuracy of 0.3 µm. Just to put this into perspective, a human hair is approximately 100 µm thick. In order to ensure that such rigorous demands on production processes are met, EagleBurgmann has consistently invested in state-of-the-art machinery and uses precisely defined production processes.



Some int. production locations


Eurasburg, Germany

35.800 m²   /   1981


Houston, USA

5.200 m²   /   1977

EBdB-Sao Paulo.jpg

Sao Paulo, Brazil

4.550 m²   /   1978



4.800 m²   /  1991


Nigata, Japan

30.600 m² 


Pune, India

9.600 m²   /   1993

EagleBurgmann Headquarters Wolfratshausen Germany

Wolfratshausen, DE

17.780 m²   /   1950

KE-Burgmann Denmark

Ringkóbing, Denmark

7.200 m²   /   19xx

Arcugnano, Italy

5.900 m²   /   19xx

Querétaro, Mexico

660 m²   /  19xx

EagleBurgmann Production Judenburg

Judenburg, Austria

2.750 m² / 19xx

EagleBurgmann Shanghai BPRC-S

Shanghai, China

4.905 m²   /   19xx